Human Resources Data and Analytics Consulting

You probably know your turnover rate; do you know:

  • How much turnover is typical in your location / industry?

  • What percentage of your turnover is undesired?

  • Why your employees are leaving?

I’ve worked in HR since 2001, within several industries, and have studied employee retention for years. As an employee and as a consultant, I have helped employers:

  • Create a Human Resources Analytics strategy;

  • Design systems and procedures to ensure the right data is accurately collected;

  • Extract data via a variety of reporting tools;

  • Develop reporting templates in Microsoft Excel;

  • Analyze data to address a specific challenge; and

  • Model cost/benefit scenarios.

Get in touch with me to set up a consultation. I’m happy to work with both local and remote clients within the United States.




Clarkston, Washington

(509) 552-0674


Areas of Practice

Human Resources Analytics Strategy

Before you can report metrics and analyze data, you have to ensure your systems and procedures are in place to capture the correct data. I can help you design a strategy that works for your company.

Expense Analysis

What is the ROI of the new software you want to buy? Which recruiting strategy is really paying off? How does your training budget stack up to the major players in your industry?

Employee Turnover / Retention

From analyzing whether you have a retention problem to designing solutions to reduce turnover, I have a passion for helping good employers keep their best employees happy.


You have great ideas, but running an HR department can be hectic. Let me take your ideas and turn them into a business plan and execution strategy.

Staffing Strategies

A growing company, changing industry, high turnover field, and other factors can contribute to being chronically understaffed. I can help you design a staffing plan that predicts your hiring needs in key areas.

Sensitive Analysis

What do performance reviews, exit interview data, and executive compensation have in common? I have tons of experience managing confidential data in a professional manner, and having a third party do the analysis means less risk of confirmation bias.


Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.
— Steven Covey